Managing Conflicts During Change Management Process: An Expert's Guide

Conflicts can be a major obstacle during a change management process. To ensure a successful transition, it is essential to anticipate and address any potential conflicts that may arise. One way to do this is to alter the composition of the team, separating any personalities that are at odds. If this is not possible, consider a physical design solution such as seating antagonists next to each other instead of directly opposite each other.

Additionally, the research and promotion approach can be used to proactively manage conflicts in a pleasant way. When it comes to conflict management techniques, there are several options available. These include changing organizational structures, changing team members, creating a common “enemy”, using the rules of the majority, and solving problems. It is important to be prepared for any conflicts that may arise during the transition process and have a plan in place to address them. This includes tools for defining success, developing a change management plan, and performing an autopsy to identify project risks.

Leaders should also be aware of “derailment behavior” that may occur during the process. The research and promotion approach involves having an open, participatory, and transparent process with a fair initiative for change. This can help to ensure that any conflicts are managed in an effective manner and do not impede the progress of the change management process. By anticipating and addressing potential conflicts, leaders can ensure that their team is successful in transitioning to the new changes. In conclusion, it is essential for leaders to be aware of potential conflicts during a change management process and have strategies in place to address them. This includes changing team composition, using physical design solutions, and utilizing the research and promotion approach.

By doing so, leaders can ensure that their team is successful in transitioning to the new changes.

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