Data Analysis and Change Management: Achieving Successful Results

Data analysis is a critical component of any successful change management process. It enables organizations to measure progress and make effective changes quickly. Data and analytics can provide the people, processes, and tools to turn data into a competitive advantage. People analysis can be a major factor in providing excellent change management and, as a result, have a direct effect on the successful implementation of strategies within an organization.

Real transformation begins when data-savvy leaders and data professionals recognize the influential role that change management must play in creating data-driven organizations. Change management is a structured process with a specific set of tools for managing change from the perspective of people and is an essential part of successful projects. Project management offers the solution on time and within budget, while change management prepares the organization to adopt and use the solution. Organizations can get on the right track if they adopt the right tools and capture the right data.

Technology had worked well, but change management (successfully selling the idea and getting wide participation) was the blocking point. By taking the next step and hiring a change management consultant from Ipsos MMA to implement processes designed to drive interdisciplinary acceptance and activation, executives realize the value they expect from these programs. Change managers can also look beyond company boundaries to gain information on the impact of change programs. Social media analysis is an example of using human resource data in change management.

This has posed a problem for data analysis in other fields; there's no reason why change management will be any different. Change management will move from being a project-based discipline that strives to justify an adequate investment to one that advises on business results and how to obtain them. While predictive models for change management are still a long way off, I have taken many examples from my professional life in which managing change (or, on the contrary, the difficulty of change) has been fundamental (or detrimental) to the successful implementation of a Data & Analytics platform or function.

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