Measuring Change Management Performance: Monitoring and Evaluating Change

Measuring change management performance is essential to ensure that activities are carried out according to the plan, and that objectives are met. To do this, it is necessary to monitor and evaluate the change management process. This involves collecting data such as training tests and effectiveness measures, participation numbers and training attendance, communication deliveries, communication effectiveness, performance improvements, progress and compliance with the plan. Once the data has been collected and analyzed, it is important to evaluate the results and report them.

It is also necessary to compare actual results with baseline objectives and identify strengths and weaknesses of the change management plan. When reporting findings and recommendations to stakeholders, it is important to consider the impact of changes on collaboration, efficiency and innovation. Scoreboards, ratings or testimonials can be used to highlight results. If there is no movement in trends, it is an indication that the change management process is not as effective as planned. Delayed change requests or the number of incidents in which new methods are not followed can also be used to measure performance. KPIs of change management should be measured regardless of project success in order to identify areas for improvement.

Change management professionals are often asked to measure results and report them to project sponsors and company leaders. They should also provide suggestions and recommendations for employees responsible for managing change or for those who carry out monitoring and evaluation in complex interventions. To measure the impact and effectiveness of a change management plan, it is important to address pre-existing gaps that could be transferred to new business practices. Feedback from e-learning can be gathered to get opinions on the current change management process and identify areas for improvement. Periodic review of data trends can show how quickly change management objectives are being addressed.

It is also important to choose the best change management metrics when evaluating a digital transformation. The true reality of ADKAR must be the fundamental infrastructure of the change management process. This study is aimed at academics interested in implementation of change and strategic management, as well as professionals from various business sectors who participate in related work, particularly transnational projects that are intensive in time, resources and finance. When creating a project performance flow chart, it is easy to track and record if change management efforts are working as planned.

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