Managing Change for Successful Implementation: A Guide for Business Leaders

No matter the size of your organization, change is an unavoidable part of life. Shopify set out with the goal of becoming a “100 year old company”, and to do so, they had to create a culture that was comfortable with ambiguity and open to changes in their personal and professional lives. To ensure successful implementation of change, it's important for business leaders to maintain consistent oversight, define metrics to measure success, and continuously monitor them. Additionally, it's beneficial to contact key stakeholders to assess their perceptions and obtain any relevant feedback.

Organizational change refers to the actions that a company takes to adjust an important component of its organization. To effectively manage change, managers and business leaders must understand the steps involved. While some change management skills can be developed through real world experience, one of the best ways to develop this skill set is to return to school to continue education in the field. Alternatively, using the services of a professional change management consultant could ensure that you are among the 30 percent winning.

If you are facing changes in your company and want to learn more about the change management process, here are some of the key organizational change management strategies you can employ. Throughout the process, a structure must be established to measure the business impact of changes and ensure that there are opportunities for continuous reinforcement to develop competencies. To help employees adapt to changes in the way a role is performed, mentoring or an open door policy could be established in which management asks questions as they arise.

Change Management

is the process of guiding organizational change until it bears fruit, from the early stages of conception and preparation, through implementation and, finally, to resolution.

This is an easy rule to follow when the change in question is positive; when the change occurs in response to difficult circumstances or results in negative short-term outcomes, this becomes more complicated. It's important to evaluate your change management plan to determine its effectiveness and document the lessons learned. With these strategies in mind, business leaders can ensure successful implementation of organizational change. By maintaining consistent oversight, defining metrics for success, and continuously monitoring them; contacting key stakeholders; establishing a structure for measuring business impact; providing mentoring or an open door policy; and evaluating your change management plan; you can ensure that your organization is prepared for any changes that may come its way.

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