7 Change Management Exercises to Help Employees Adapt to Change

Change management activities are designed to help team members become more open and accepting of company transitions. To assist employees in adapting to change, there are a variety of change management exercises that can be used. These activities can range from fun games at staff meetings or company retreats, to tools and processes that management can use to support long-term initiatives. A discussion about a fish tank is perfect for situations like these.

This type of discussion is designed to include a wide range of stakeholders in order to create inclusive decision-making processes by opening up a transparent communication channel. This is a round table in which key stakeholders participate, with the presence of a larger group of stakeholders. This format of debate allows everyone to contribute their individual opinions and experiences and allows them to question the main people responsible for the project. The force field analysis exercise is a structured decision-making technique that increases the chances of successfully implementing change.

Acquiring a new perspective often reduces resistance. The exercise of moving places is the easiest change management exercise; you can try it with your team members to offer a different perspective and better understand the points of view of other team members. Ask the group to fold their arms comfortably, then ask them to do it the other way around. Quickly, they realize that doing something different feels really strange at first, but the longer they do it, the less strange it feels.

The Cross Your Arms exercise is one of the easiest change management activities to use in both face-to-face and remote work environments. In addition, learning more about your employees and their general attitudes toward change can provide valuable information that goes far beyond a specific transition process. Whatfix can effectively guide your employees in managing change by providing real-time guidance in the application, ongoing support, and behavioral information. Also, be sure to research the best change management models to find the most effective method for your organization.

Companies that have used Connecteam for this process have seen their commitment increase by up to 70%, which made it much easier to implement the change. Here are 7 change management exercises for employees to join in (while having lots of fun, of course). Change management exercises will allow you to anticipate future concerns, thus reducing nervous energy and the organization's resistance to change. The learning process can be overwhelming, but your initiative will crumble if you don't make the change fun.

These change management activities encourage employees to reflect on their approach to organizational change. A change management exercise is an icebreaker activity that encourages employees to understand and accept change in an organization. These eight change management exercises will allow your team to better acclimate to change and reduce resistance. All of these seven change management activities are designed to help minimize employee resistance to change.

Discuss the activity by exploring what caused them discomfort; what they see differently from their new point of view; how the simple experience of changing seats reflects the challenge of more profound changes in life. As a change management professional, you can state the same reasons by allowing them to think like their manager. Change management activities, such as those listed above, can add variety to the training process.

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